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Get to Know the Uniqueness of Calgary

Get To Know Calgary

Welcome to Calgary, a city rich with beautiful landscapes, picturesque skylines, and urban vibrancy, the city has a dynamic array of experiences that allow both visitors and Calgarians endless opportunities for adventure and to live in the moment. 

With community spirit at its core, Calgary is a young, energetic and diverse city full of shareable experiences. We encourage you to share your memories, with us and with others, by tagging @tourismcalgary and #CaptureCalgary where you can on social media.

Whether you're here to experience the energy that takes over the city during the Calgary Stampede or wind-down and relax from a bucket list outdoor adventure in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies, we’re glad you’re here and we hope you enjoy your time!

The Culture in Calgary

Our common purpose is making life better every day.

The word "life" has a dual meaning: existence (people's lives), and verve (energy, creativity). We make a difference by contributing to people's well-being - their comfort, security and satisfaction with life in our city - and ensuring a high standard of quality of life for our residents. We also make a difference by bringing "life" to new ideas, creativity, and innovation to our work, and energy and enthusiasm in our approach to public service.

Calgary’s Best Neighbourhoods 

There are more than 180 residential neighborhoods in the City of Calgary. Most of us know only a few of them well — where we live, where we work, maybe a couple of others that we visit frequently. But it’s hard to know a lot about all of them, so we’ve tried to do some of the heavy liftings and provide a bit of insight into a variety of Calgary’s best neighborhoods. From the inner city to the city limits, the very small (Roxboro has fewer than 400 residents) to the very large (almost 26,000 people in Panorama Hills), from neighborhoods with mountain views to those with river access — there are a variety of great places to live across Calgary.

Natural Pest Solutions

With incredible climate and lifestyle opportunities, Calgary has seen a recent increase in the number of people moving to the area. As a result, the number of residences has grown over the past few years. This growth has created a demand for different residential services that cater to their needs, offering solutions for both residential and commercial properties. 

One business example is this quality Calgary Pest Control Company that provides great services for all of Calgary residence. 

Your Calgary Pest Control Specialists that helps you remove unwanted pests of all kinds from your home and business. They feature natural organic pest control treatments that will not harm the environment or animals or children. We deal with all kinds of insect control such as ants, spiders, earwigs, and Rodents such as Rats, Mice, and Squirrels. As well as Birds, Bats, and Pigeons. Wasps and Bees nest removal. If you need an exterminator we are your go-to people for all types of pests.

Natural Pest Solutions

995 Madeira way NE. Calgary, AB. T2A-5T4