Syndrank is a powerful tool that syndicate posts your video to multiple websites as embeds, bookmarks and social signals. While we have made is as simple as we can to post your video, here is the correct way to post your video. Make sure you have brushed up on the Terms of Service too.

0. BEFORE YOU START, make sure you have uploaded and optimised your video in accordance to our SEO guidelines. You can find them here.

  1. After logging in, navigate to the submit a post button in the top menu bar

syndrank 1

2.Once at the submit a post screen, This is where you post your video details.

syndrank 2

Post title – This is where you post your MAIN KEYWORD, Don’t keyword stuff here


Post content – Put your Youtube URL here (NOT THE EMBED LIKE THE IMAGE). You can come back after 12 hours and edit this to be a full PBN post if you wish. But for the syndication to work you need to post exactly how described above.


Categories – Select the category that closely matches your video content


Tags – Place your main keyword here, along with 5 – 8 other keywords. I would advise against stuffing as you will do more harm than good. So try and stick within those limits. Or don’t, Im a guide not a cop 😉 Less keywords will have more power however.


Featured image – You don't have to put this in, It will autogenerate from your video. This is where you put an image to make your post look pretty when you turn it into a PBN post. I would suggest that you geo tag this image to help show up in SERPS for your keyword.


Excerpt – This is more for once you turn it into a PBN post. This is the text that shows on the home page of and google. Try and keep this to 150 words or less.


  1. Once you are done, hit submit and your post will show up on Syndrank. Now it will show up like this on the home page. THIS IS NORMAL, Once you click on your keyword it will show up like the second image. It will embed your video twice on the page. This is how our system works to ensure syndication works across our network.

syndrank 3

syndrank 4


  1. That’s it, you are done. Wasn’t that hard was it. After 12 hours we suggest you go back and edit your post into a PBN post with an article and pretty it up. This will give your link maximum power. You can quickly get to your old posts to edit them from this link -


If you have any SEO questions or issues then post them on the Syndrank group