Digital Marketing Agency Vs Affiliate Marketing

Why digital marketing agency is better than affiliate marketing.  In today's post, we're going to answer a question. Why you're better off running a digital marketing agency than working as an affiliate. So you might be going through this phase of running a business when you are thinking, hey maybe I should go through some affiliate courses. Maybe I should invest some money in this. Maybe I should become an affiliate for someone else, and you're probably thinking, hey but there are so many promises on how much money you can make as an affiliate, but in reality, you might be thinking hey maybe there are better ways maybe there are better business models. 


So here I would like to compare for you whether it's better to run a digital marketing agency or work as an affiliate. So first let us think about what would you do as an affiliate so as an affiliate you would be trying to attract as many customers as possible to the affiliate that you are working with. So for the company that you're working with so this is a company here, and you are trying to get as many leads to their business as possible then whenever they buy you get your commission you get chunk of the money you get certain percentage whether it's 50% whether it's 20% you got your commission.


Now you never get paid before you never get paid for working on their funnel it never happens. You only get paid whenever you bring a lead now lets look at marketing agency business models so you have a company here and this company is hiring you to figure out a funnel for them. As a marketing agency so they want you to do this so that you can attract leads now what is the advantage of digital getting agency the first obvious advantage that you might be already seeing here is that well you get paid for figuring out the funnel. So now here you never get paid for figuring out the funnel nowhere you get paid for figuring out the funnel so basically there search phase is being paid by the company that is hiring you to figure out the marketing funnel whatever it is whether it's a landing page newsletter they usually pay for this on top of that you actually get paid to learn because you get paid to figure out what the funnel is, and you are figuring out how this works.


 now obviously it sounds like hey why would I be an affiliate if I can just get paid for the exact same thing and well would get probably the same amount of money well you're right then because as an affiliate you don't get paid for a research phase and learning phase now often people think and it's a myth that if your affiliate marketer then you get commission forever now if you run in an agency you never get commission now the reason why this is not true well there are actually two reasons the first reason is because that more results you bring through your clients the more results you bring to your client the higher your market value is and you'redirectly dependent on your clients and their results so you actually get paid more and you can ask for higher prices so in fact you're actually making more whenever your customers are making more you can increase your monthly fee you can increase your revenue whenever they increase their revenue and then the second reason for this is because you can also just charge Commission's per lead whatever you're selling whether it's Facebook ads or something else youcould charge an upfront fee and then you can charge commission per result, so youcan always offer two options higher upfront fee and lower commission orlower upfront free and higher commission then the client have a perception of choice and the actual choice but you see how much better running a digital marketing agency is comparing to the affiliate marketing.