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First, let's look at "What is a matrix?" In relation to affiliate marketing or making money online, specifically, a matrix would refer to the number of people you need in your 'downline'. That is, those who sign up after you through your affiliate link, then people who sign up for this specific program through these new affiliate links, etc.

Let us take Alex for example. Alex sign's up for a 2x2 forced matrix. Alex's on top of the matrix. He then has Jane sign up under him, and Jack. Jane now goes out and has Tom and Ann sign up under her. Jack gets Andy and Jason to sign up under him. Great, Alex now has his 2x2 forced matrix filled, with a total of six people under him - 2 people directly below him, with their recruits making it (two for each one of HIS new Recruits) a two wide by two deep matrix. Therein lies the power of this type of forced matrix.

Studies have shown that the 'average' person will get to recruit approximately 2.7 people under them, while others will get a lot more than that! This allows for spillover. So, if Alex actually recruited 4 people in total, they would be placed beneath him, and (dependent on the program itself) would either have filled his matrix very quickly for himself without relying on anyone else, or this would have allowed Alex to have more than one filled matrix in no time flat! Obviously, all systems have plus's and minus's, a 2x2 matrix included.

On the plus side, you can fill a 2x2 pretty quickly, without having to be a Guru at online marketing, thus allowing you to continue with the program knowing that you've fulfilled what's necessary - you've filled your matrix. Additionally, if the program allows you to have multiple positions (as mentioned) you will have been allowed to grow into more than one spot in the overall program - earning YOU more from this single program. On the other hand, if you are a heavy recruiter, you will see some of your recruits being forced into other downlines - not necessarily bad, but not usually directly benefiting your efforts.

So, why use a 2x2 matrix at all? Again, corporate studies have shown that most people, when faced with having already filled their 'matrix', especially one as realistic as a 2x2, continue to be active in the program, primarily due to fear of loss. Rather than a 3x12, or 2x9 or any similar programs, with a 2x2 the possibility of seeing a concrete result in a short space of time is so real that people just do it, more often than not.

In summary, 2x2 forced matrix programs are ideal for:

1. Getting people to join - as they perceive less effort than other, larger programs.

2. Retention - why would I drop out when I already recruited my 2 people and they have their 2, etc.

3. Fulfilling - it's easier to get 2 people to join, with more people saying 'I can do that!' than a 3x6 matrix.

4. Paying - with only this few needed to achieve your targeted effort, it should be highly achievable and therefore pay you sooner rather than later, unlike more aggressive programs.